Practice on Watercolour

First time trying watercolour. I find it very satisfying with the ease to control over the texture.


Sunset watercolour


Painting with Poetry: Distant Sail


Home in a distance.

Flee in a moment.

Set sail into the endless ocean,

As the engulfed cities perish in blaze.

What sets us ablaze?

What divides us afar?

A drip of ink?

Or a smear of white paint?

Perhaps it is the same waned cinder of ashes,

Whom we shackle at the bottom of the ships.

And so all the lives dissolved,

Into the image of a distant past,

Through the inheritance of generations.

©Paulus of Sinae July 2016

A City in a Mask

Colours in disarray.

And I see the city bleeding black.

This false sight of colourful life

Within the mask of fog sagging down in the city hive.

Gold and neon lights,

Just a hollow maze of night.

We end our past dreams.

We fool our minds.

The trick to us into believing,

Unto a life we trust to be the ideal yet deceiving.

And we toil and forget.

Dissolved us on to the grand canvas with our own sweat.

No longer we own our discrete spectrum.

All spectra of colours bleed into the corrupted red;

Unto the smear of blood on those pair of lost lips.


©Paulus of Sinae April 2016