After the trip to Italy

Well I was sick in Italy and carried the flu back home. I am just able to recover.

Yet Italy is so great for Art lovers like me. Not only they have good food, splendid nature, romantic cities, but also too many too many museums and art galleries.

There are at least 10 museums in Venice,  more than 7 museums for Florence while I just lost count for Rome.

Italy had produced so many splendid artists:

From top to bottom:

  1. Caravaggio – Young Sick Bacchus
  2. Bernini – Aeneas, Anchises, and Ascanius (The fled Trojan prince whose offsprings formed the Roman Empire.)
  3. Titian – Sacred and Profane Love (Naked one is Venice)
  4. Raphael – The famous School of Athens  in the Vatican
  5. Leonardo da Vinci – Annunciation (The Angel announcing the pregnancy of Mary)
  6. Michelangelo – The Holy Family

Italy is truly inspiring and I can understand why the master Rubens learnt by practicing on great Italian , Roman and Hellenic sculptures.

I am following his footsteps:


Though the scale is a bit off from Bernini’s sculpture…

Practice and Practice. Continue to write and paint to deliver.

I will also share my story with you about my 3 weeks in Italy, from Milan to Venice, to the whole province of Tuscany and finally to Rome. 🙂



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