Slightly unhelpful travelling tips for Vienna (2) Belvedere

Belvedere palace, built by a rejected French prince (because he was too ugly. Sigh, the French lol.), Eugene of Savoy, who proved his excellent talent in the battlefield and made a fortune in the Austrian Empire.

Belvedere is divided into the upper palace, the garden and the lower palace.

The upper palace museum is famous for Klimpt’s celebrated masterpiece, the Kiss, and  the woman in gold.

You can also find work of other Austrian artists like Hans Makart and Egon Schiele. If you are a fan of the Art nouveau trend, you will have a blast here.

I am a big fan of the academicism, so it was the best time I had in Wien.

You can even find work dated back in the medieval time.


  • Do not book the tickets in advance. There is literally no queue in front of the admission. I went to the palace in the high season August and still there was no queue. (Maybe people don’t like art anymore. A moment of silence for humanity.)
  •  The ticket does not expire for at least 2 weeks, so take your time and no need to rush through both palaces. Drink in the atmosphere. I met a couple in Wien, who bragged to me about finishing a tour involving Hungary, Austria, south Germany, Czech and Solvenia in 5 days. Do rush through if you want to beat their record. However remember each ticket only allows one entry per palace.
  • Sit down at the cafe and enjoy an Ice Kaffee (Coffee with ice cream) or a glass of lemonade. You can also sit the garden. There are plenty of benches and shades and there should be no worries for blood-sucking bugs. I remember I had a schnitzel lunch in the Garden.
  • You cannot take pictures of the Kiss , but there is one cheap miniature cardboard version of it at the entrance. So do your tourist thing there.
  • Make sure to stop by the Soviet War Memorial by the Palace, not just because it was an Allied commission work to celebrate the defeat of the Fascist Axis powers, but also there are many food carts and there is a big fountain with rainbows! I got some free citrus softdrink there because there was a big promotion.


  • There is a Botanical Garden of the University of Vienna by the palace. Make sure you drop by their tended farm. My friend and I picked some peppers and tomatoes there. Well as long as you don’t get caught…
  • Visit the Contemporary Art section, you will find some artistic activities designed for elementary school students. Have some fun.
  • The chandelier at the cafe was dripping dusts down. Bring an umbrella to protect your food.



Hope the tips are slightly unhelpful.

Cheers to travellers!


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