Slightly unhelpful travelling tips for Vienna (1) : General


Wien, the city of Music, the birthplace of waltz, the legend of Sissi the Kaiserin, the City of Klimt, the Third Man, Freud …

Although infested with prejudice and racism back in the Hilter era, Vienna is now a liberal and very lovely modern city with a cultural side of the vintage past. She is ranked the best city to live in Europe after all.

Here are just a few tips and jokes when you visit Vienna.

  • You can totally get by with English, but I have been told to speak more slowly and down tune the snobbish British accent.
  • If you get the train ticket at the airport, you won’t need to stamp it. But remember to stamp if you get it from the vendor machine, else you will have to face fine.
  • Get a ride in those horse carriages if you can stand the stench and like to witness the genius invention of the horse poop catcher at the back of the horse butts.
  • Most of the train stations in Vienna are built with a very strong art nouveau reference. The most popular one should be at Karlsplatz by Otto Wagner.
  • Most “Wieners” (?!) are in very good fit shape. So many eye-candies just walking around in Wien. The diet of wiener (or schnitzel) helps?
  • Get a local sim card at A1. It has the best coverage and there are usually many tourist promotions. I got 10 GB data for just 15 euros. That was the cheapest data plan you can ever get on this earth!
  • Do not expect the waiters/resses in Wien smiling at you like that in the US or UK. Yet they are not as rude as those in Hong Kong or Singapore local restaurants, who can splash you with hot soup and act as if nothing happened.
  • Eat cheap by going to the supermarket. There is often a cheap choice of the day at the bakery of the supermarket SPAR.
  • Drink from the tap. You will be blessed with the most natural elixir from the sacred Alps. Met a couple kept asking me where to get distilled water because, they said in a snobbishly ignorant way, they would never drink “uncleaned” water like mineral water. Witnessing such”pride”, my common sense took a big hit that day.
  • There are souvenirs of Sissi and Mozart everywhere, even in supermarkets. Drink some Mozart chocolate liqueur and go to the toilet using wipe your face with the Kaiserin Sissi tissue paper.
  • There are many events going on in the city, like the Friday bicycle ride around the whole city. Mingle with the locals and don’t just do tourist attractions:
  • Pay attention to the traffic lights at crossroads and you will discover the cute side of the city.

Hope these tips are slightly unhelpful.

Cheers to travellers!

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