Oxford in a day : Botanic Garden


Welcome to the bald Botanic Garden in winter

11:45 a.m.// Botanic Garden

Leaving the Christ Church, I went for a stroll around the neighborhood.


Bathing in the warming sunshine, soon I reached the Botanic Garden of Oxford University.


The entrance is at the right. I still regret I didn’t take a photo of the entrance.

Visiting a Botanic Garden during winter was a bad idea?

No, as the staff there said there was a Christmas tree. And I did have high hope for it.

After all, it costed me 5 pounds.

Right after the entrance, there was a running river by the green houses.


The river by the blinding sunlight. I wonder if someone has ever been drowned fishing here.

To the right of the river, there were a few green houses keeping “exotic” plants.

I envisioned a man-eating plant like this:


From the movie “Little shop of horrors”

Well instead I was greeted by plants commonly found in Hong kong.



Well they do have some insect-engulfing species there. I resisted to stick my fingers in them.


Going pass the green houses, you can see the real garden behind. However it was winter, so…



Almost all the trees went bald. Fortunately the grass was still refreshingly green.

By the way where was the promised Christmas Tree?


Not here!


Nope, but nice vase. Collecting corrosion and goo here in the open I suppose?


No, and what the hell is that!

1:00 p.m. // Mission Burrito

Well I got bored eventually and went for tacos. Really good tacos here.

And the hot sauce really made up for the broken promise of the Christmas miracle:

I want a tree, just a Christmas tree… Or actually giving me 5 pounds back would be better.

And you can speak Spanish to the staff there. (Not that I know any Spanish.)


Next time I will be possibly concluding my visit to Oxford. Not much to write about this time. Hope you had a good laugh.

©Paulus of Sinae (Chan Po Lo Paul) April 2016

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Oxford: Christ Church

Oxford Christ Church logo





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