Oxford in a Day: Christ Church


11:00am // Christ Church 

The Christ Church was the highlight of my trip to Oxford. Again it was heavily publicised as where Harry Potter was filmed.

However what stunned me immediately was the entrance.

And you will see the Christ Church entrance afar.
A short path leading up to the open field.


That’s a magical scene after the rain. And you can see which I suspect may be the tracks of carriages on the muddy ground. Imagine the Victorian carriages led by handsome horses. I envy the students.

Upon entering and paying the fee (Again asking me if I were a student there, while just giving the most expensive ticket on the price list to the younger Asian couples besides me.), you can immediately smell the medieval-ness within.


Going down the corridor and passing a courtyard, you will see stairs going up. But before that, I took a little a peek at the grand court outside.

It looks like a royal tournament ground behind, where knights used to joust on horseback and earned honour for their king or queens, or possibly earned their accidental death by just a splinter of wood from the broken lance lodged into their chest or neck.
The Christ Church was founded in 1546, when Italy was already experiencing Renaissance. I can’t say the style of the interior is very medieval, but certainly more dated when compared to Italy of that time. What I suspect is the building itself was built probably in the 12th or 13th century, but later they founded the college based on that.
The grand hall of Christ Church. Looks familiar?


Voilà! Image from Film Locations Around the world (Part I)

It will definitely be cool if they do it like Harry Potter in the Christ Church for the academic ceremonies. To me the hall is like a gathering ground for the Norse high kings. I think you now know I am a nerd of Fantasy legends.

Leaving the Hall, I went back to the grand court. Turn right and you will get to the Cathedral.

Go up and deliver a speech.
Such details!











I love stained glass. I wish to know what story it depicts there. I am sure it must be some courageous story.
Another one. This one looks like some noble man looking at a city from a distance, under the orange tree?
This is very magnificent.
Up near the altar. I wonder if the Church is Anglican or Catholic now, it seems to be too many Icons for an Anglican church.
My nerd mode was on when I SAW this. My immediate thought was whether there was a remain beneath. It would be like the plot in the book Timeline by Michael Crichton.

It was indeed a good visit to the Christ Church, though I do think the Cathedral was a bit too small (The Cathedral is famed to be the smallest all over England). I often have this conception of things in the UK being a bit small. Narrow seats on the train; low ceilings and miniature medieval castles. This is very funny. Now I know where do most property developers in Hong Kong draw their inspirations from:


Hong Kong’s 40-sqaure-foot apartment. Rent was approximately 670 USD (in 2013).

Anyway, that concluded my visit to Christ Church.

But my visit to Oxford was not over. please look forward to the next one. I will update more frequently on my travels. 😉

©Paulus of Sinae (Chan Po Lo Paul) April 2016

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Oxford Botanic Garden:



Divinity School and the Bodleian Library





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