A Conversational Verse


He:   Because we suffer, we need blessings.
Yet will there be an end?
When the cycle twines, the blessing infuses into the fabrics of disappointments.
And all is unraveled…

Him: Blood draining blight of spirit
Hyper vigilance not required.
Just be numb
Drugs work
Or chocolate
Anything to pass the hours
Without feeling the total endless agony of living for some.
I am one of those
Nothing came easy

He:   Everything was a struggle and continues to be a struggle.
Yet through the struggle you consolidate you. The wool of your “self” is woven, within the hands of destiny.
And the quest of your subjectivity continues.
Why not let the flow carries you? To dusty the realm of wandering, to the snowy region of the deep darkness. Finally you may               realize the quest itself is a void, and so is you too.
Yet the seeking demands to be sought, the suffering yearns to suffer and the blessed will realize his own final home, where he             truly belongs.

Him: God and Goddess willing, we arrive home.

He:   We are the firebirds. our home is so distant, so vague, and till the world scorches anew, can the smoke be lifted;
Can our sights be restored.
Hopefully the day will come.
Sincerely hopefully, it sneaks by fast.


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