Formatting for picture books in Amazon self publishing.

Dear Frds,

Since someone asked me about the formatting of my picture book. Here is a tutorial to do that:

It’s very simple. First you need to open notepad. Then paste these codes:

<style type=”text/css”>
p { text-indent: 0px; margin-bottom: 1ex; }
.p_ctr { text-align: center; }
<img src=”page0.jpg” width=”100%” />     #use the SAME name as the image you are using
<p>Paste the text here.</p>                               #here you can type in the text you want
<mbp:pagebreak />                                                #opening up a new page
<img src=”page1.jpg” width=”100%” />      #2nd page
<mbp:pagebreak />

So you only need to amend these codes to suit your needs:
<img src=”page1.jpg” width=”100%” />
<mbp:pagebreak />

Repeat this block for more pages.

After that save the file as HTML, not TXT.

Remember you have to put the images and the html file within the SAME FOLDER.

You can submit the html file directly, as far as I remember. Or you can try to use the previewer to generate a mobi file first. Then upload it.

These codes were not originally created by me, I just fine tuned them a bit. I saw them on some other websites. Yet I can’t remember where. If you know where these come from, please tell me and I can quote the source.

Happy writing,

Paulus of Sinae



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