2013, the year of Yana Kudryavtseva

2013 has been a year of revelation to me. I know that I can both write and draw. Yet what surprises me most is how rhythmic gymnastics has evolved.


From UEG (http://www.ueg.org/images/albums/alb_19/5_8e42a09f346b223a48691567ca44195d_1370074096.jpg)

Yana Kudryavtseva, the youngest world champion, has obviously revolutionized this sport. She is most famous for her spinning ball technique.

Yet what captures me is her artistic quality as a dancer. To her, this is no longer just a sport, but a combination of both arts and sport. She has a vivid yet gentle aura around her. She mystifies this sport, pushing the limit of apparatus handling and artistic expressions. She has the glamour as a dancer as well as the determination as a gymnast. To me she has already surpassed Kanaeva artistically. Sadly she can never be as flexible as Kanaeva. I hope to see more from her. And I need to work harder myself too. Hopefully I can really publish something and get onto the book I really want to write.


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