How determined are you to see the dawn?

Te Amo Parum cover 4

“To win the dawn, I will tear down the sunset!”

From Te Amo Parum
Link above

5 stars review in Amazon:

“My interest was immediately pricked by the title of the book and its cover. I was not disappointed. The author should be admired for his innovative approach to the structure of the novel. He juxtaposes fictional narrative prose (centred on scientific curiosity set a few years hence) against 12th century verse to striking effect. Thus, futuristic narrative is enhanced by melodious voices speaking across the centuries. This is new territory. Other authors have written using a combination of past, present and/or future settings before, but perhaps not quite in this way. It is a book which speaks, sings, shouts and cries. The effort required to read it will be well-rewarded. Do try it!” — By Philippi

“A nice start for a new writer, can’t recommend enough, definitely worth a purchase.
Looking forward to his next book” — By brian lau


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